Soup for Yellow Fever disease 黃熱病湯水



Mini onions and Portuguese white carrot.


To know more about yellow fever disease, can go through the following World Health Organization website:

For those who have contracted YF disease, besides receiving treatments from hospitals or my personal opinion, the patients can also take this natural remedy – Mini Onion and Turnip (white carrot) Soup, in order to recover faster.

The above photo has shown mini onions and Portuguese “nabo” (a kind of white carrot), however, if you cannot find the same kind of white carrot, you can also use your locally cultivated white carrot.

Quantity of ingredients: There is no fixed weight about mini onions and white carrot. It depends on what kind of soups that we want to make. If it is a clear soup, then, the quantity of ingredients can be lesser. If a creamy soup is preferred, certainly, the ingredients should be more.

1) How to make a clear soup for 1 person to be taken 2 times a day before meals ?
Peeling about 10 pcs. of mini onions and about 100 – 150 g. of white carrots. Cut the white carrot into slices. Add 750 ml. of water into cooking utensil until boiling, add both ingredients into water, lower the fire and continue to boil for another 10-15 mins. until the white carrot becomes soft. Finally, add a little bite of salt. That´s all !

2) How to make a creamy soup for 1 person to be taken 2 times a day before meals ?
The way of making a creamy soup is very similar to the way of making a clear soup. Only the quantity of ingredients should be the double and the water can be reduced to 500 ml.

Once the white carrot becomes soft, add a little bite of salt and use a stick-type-blender to blend the ingredients. That´s all!

And if you want to know who says that this soup is good for Yellow Fever Disease? I don´t know, it appeared in my dream, simple answer, right?

Wish everyone good health!